Kpop Comeback Songs Ranking of January

Hello there! I am back with my monthly report of Kpop comebacks. I really enjoy listening to all the comebacks of the month. I will list them from my least favorite to my favorite. I do respect all the groups and artists, but there are some comeback songs I prefer more to others. I will only list songs that I found somewhat interesting. Any songs I didn’t like, or found boring I won’t add. January usually is a slow month for Kpop comebacks, but this year started with a bang with plenty of awesome comebacks. I really do enjoy giving all these songs a listen, since am a lover of Kpop. Lets get to it!

20.Odd Eye DreamCatcher This one has less of a Rock vibe. There are elements in the chorus. I do like their vocals. Their songs don’t really grab my attention, this one is no different.

19.I don’t Miss You woo!ah! I like the production of this song. The adlibs in the song are really pretty as well. There isn’t really anything about this song that really captivates me, even though it is a good song. Not a song I can listen on repeat.

18.Switch to Me J.Y Park/Rain Okay, this was released on the 31st of December, but just adding it, since it was the last day of the year. This song comes straight out of the 90’s. It is a little too similar to 90’s R&B. I would have liked a bit of freshness with it.

17.Celebrity IU A nice pop friendly track. The sound is very mainstream pop. Nothing special, but does the job. I can see Korea eating this song up.

16.Asurabalbalta T1419 Let me start by saying these boys are babies! This is not a bad song. The pre-chorus and the chorus is pretty cool. I am not in love with the verses. I feel the verses bring the song down. I can’t really get into the song as a whole, because of that.

15.Dangerous E’Last Not really a comeback song, but they promoted this song this month, so going to add it. This song is very interesting. The production is very experimental. I don’t really like messy songs like this. The chorus is pretty catchy though. There are some good points to this song, but as a whole I don’t dig it. I will say, the song is really interesting. I was engaged listening to it. I  think this song may grow on me.

14.U Mad Bobby The boy got flow and swag. This song is good. It goes hard. The chorus is something you can really bop to. I like it, but it isn’t a song I would have on repeat. Not my style of music.

13.Love so Sweet Cherry Bullet I find the chorus to be really catchy. There is a bit of a Billie Eish vibe to this as well. The production is pretty cool. I find this song more interesting second listen. This may grow on me.

12.No Diggity Oneus The production of this song is really good. For some reason I can’t really get into this song though.

11.Stay Young AB6IX What a cute song this is. This song is very bright and light. A very upbeat and sweet song. The chorus is catchy as well. I really like the chorus. I like the song, but it wasn’t enough to add to my playlist, but hearing it again may change my mind. This is a grower. The chorus really pulls me in. It is so good.

10.Eeny Meeny U-Know I like the vibe of this song. I like his vocals as well. The chorus is really good. This will be going on the playlist!

9.Perfume Yubin Once again, can never get tired of the retro vibe. Her voice is very captivating. I like the way she sings Perfume. I like this one. This is going on my playlist.

8.Abittipsy Youha I for one will never get tired of the retro theme. I love the 80’s production of this song. I really like this song. Her voice is a pleasure to my ears. This may become one of my favorite songs. This is why I love doing these reviews. It gives me the opportunity to discover lovely songs like this.

7.Crush MCND This song is really fun. I enjoy listening to this song. Not really much to analyze about this song. I just enjoy it.

6.Burn It Golden Child I like this one. The production is really nice. Not much to say about this one. I just really like it.

5.My Treasure Treasure Aaah I missed songs like this from them. I think songs like these suit them so well. One of my favorite comeback songs from them. I also like the 70’s retro vibe to this. The song is very bright and fun. The lyrics are also really sweet. I really enjoy this one. Another song I have on repeat.

4.What I Said Victon This song, comeback, and new album made me a fan of this group. I really like the latin vibe this song brings. Hanse kills his raps. The vocals are awesome. I completely fell for this group this comeback. This is such a fun song.

3.HWAA (G)i-dle One of my favorite releases from them. I love the Latata reference in this one. I have been listening to this a lot this month. One of my favorite comebacks this month. The song is very hypnotizing and charming.

2.I’m Not Cool Hyuna I really like this one. EDM/Dance vibe. This is my type of song. I can see myself bopping to this at a club. This is a great hype song.

1.My Turn Cravity This song is so good. The vocals are on point. The pre-chorus and chorus are gold. The harmonize give me chills. The production is stellar. My favorite comeback this month.

Cravity Hideout: Be Our Voice-Season 3 Review

CRAVITY - Hideout: Be Our Voice - Season 3 Lyrics and Tracklist | Genius

The new album from one of my favorite rookie groups is here. I was really impressed with their new single, so I wanted to dig in to their songs on the album. I can’t say I am a big fan, more a casual listener of them, but I do appreciate them and their music. Lets get to it!

1.My Turn-Okay, I was sold on this song when I heard the first part of the chorus, but once the chorus kept going, and they harmonized the My Turn part I fell in love. I really love the pre-chorus and bridge as well on this song. This gives me NCT vibes. This is my favorite song by them. Great way to start. 9.5/10

2.Call My Name-This song has more of a mellow vibe. The vocals are really sweet and pretty. I like the production of the chorus. This song could grow on me. The song is really nice. 8/10

3.Mammoth-This is a switch of pace from the last song. This song is more hard hitting. Reminds me of their seniors Monsta X. This song keeps growing on me as well. I like this more second listen. I like this style of sound for them. 8.5/10

4.Bad Habits-I really like the production of this one. The style of this song is similar to the last song. I really like dirty synth sounds like the one on this song. This is my second favorite so far. 9/10

5.Moonlight-This song has a pretty hard hitting synth sound as well. I like the production of this song. This song seems a little light hearted compared to the other two before. I like this one as well. 8/10

6.Dangerous-This song has a nice groove. I like the harmonize on this one. This has a different vibe from the others. I like it. The beat to the production is pretty catchy as well. 8.5/10

7.Give me your Love-A softer song to end things. I like their vocals here. I really enjoy their harmonize very much. I like a song focused on their vocals. They got nice vocals. This song is really pretty.8/10

I was not expecting to like this album as much as I did. This is in competition with Victon’s new album as my favorite so far. They got some great vocalist, and their harmonize are one of my favorites in Kpop, along with NCT and EXO. I also like the diversity of this album. I would recommend a listen for this album.

Album score:9/10

Victon ‘Voice:The future is now’ Review

VICTON - VOICE : The Future is Now (Concept Photo - Is Ver.) : kpop

This will be the first album I will review of them. I actually already listened to the album, and really enjoyed it. I wanted to share my thoughts on it. I haven’t really been into them, but I loved Seungwoo’s single ‘Sacrifice.’ It made me want to try the group’s new song and album.

1.Into the Mirror-Whoever raps in this, guessing it is Hanse, it was insane. Good production and delivery of this song.7.5/10

2.What I Said-I like this song. I like the reference to I Like It. This is a fun song to listen to. Vocals are great. The rapping is stellar.9/10

3.Circle-I like the production on this one. I like the vibe of this song. I enjoyed this song. The chorus is really catchy.8.5/10

4.Chess-I like the funkiness of this song. This song is pretty good. Not sure it has the repeat factor, but it could.8/10

5.Up To You-This also has a funky vibe. This song is cool too. This can grow on me more.7.5/10

6.All Day-A nice mellow pop song leading with a guitar. This song brings me peace. A nice song to sit and relax to.7/10

7.Carry On-Pretty vocals on this one. This song is really sweet.7/10

8.Eyes on you-The chorus goes hard on this one. I like the calmness of the verses, and then it switches to a more hardcore chorus. I could come to really like this song. The production is really cool.8/10

9.Utopia-This song sounds pretty cool. I can see myself having this on repeat as well.8/10

10.Where is Love? This songs sounds sad. The lyrics are most likely sad from the title. I am not sure this song was very memorable for me.6.5/10

11.Unpredictable-Gotta love the funky vibe of this one. The beat drop in the chorus is pretty cool. I think I like this one too. I like the soft vocals of the chorus. Cool song.8/10

12.Flip A Coin-Oh man, that rapping! So good. The adlibs are good as well. The chorus is dope. I like this one. This may be one of my favorites.8.5/10

13.We Stay-This song is my style. I love these upbeat songs like these. Great way to end the album.8/10

My favorite album this year so far. I know, it is only the beginning of the year, but this album is good. I wasn’t expecting to like the songs as much as I did. This album is a great intro into the group.

Album score: 8.5/10

Treasure ‘The First Step: Treasure Effect’ Review


They have finally released their full album! Granted, most songs I have already listened to, but happy to see them release a full album. I really enjoyed their first couple of releases, but lost interest with the last two comebacks. Lets see what this one unfolds.

1.My Treasure-You can never go wrong starting with Yedam. I really love the lyrics of this song. I love the hint of disco vibes with this one. I am so happy they went back to this type of direction. I like when they do more pop style type songs. I also love seeing my bias shine. Now that is not the reason I didn’t care for the last two songs. I like the others to shine as well. I really like this one. It made me emotional listening to it the first time. Will this capture my heart more than Boy? Time will tell.9/10

2.Be With Me-This is a sweet, chill song. Not a favorite of mine, but nice.7/10

3.SlowMotion-I like this song. The production hits just right for me. The vocals are really nice as well. Songs like these suit them well.8/10

4.Boy-I love this song so much, so far, still my favorite from them. I am still very attached to this song. It still hasn’t gotten old.10/10

5.Come to Me-I like this one as well. I really like when they do music like this.9/10

6.I Love You-I like this one, but I don’t enjoy it as much as the two songs above.8/10

7.B.L.T-Not a bad song. Nothing special for me though. It is a fun song, but doesn’t captivate me enough7.5/10

8.MMM-Their weakest release. I like that they tried something different, and if people like this, good for them. This wasn’t for me.6.5/10

9.Orange-This song has more of an R&B vibe, than the others. It kind of gives me 90’s R&B vibes. This isn’t something I will have on repeat. One and done type of song for me.7/10

10. Going Crazy-I am so happy I can finally stream this I want to cry. My second favorite song from them. It is like I am listening to this song all over again. I love this song. It is so enjoyable to listen to.9.5/10

The album began and ended on a high note. The album took me on a journey. Some songs I really enjoyed, others not so much, others in between. I did like the album as a whole.

Album score:8.5/10