Niki Personality

Now onto the last member, and the youngest. Niki seems like a carefree spirit. Fun loving, and enjoyable to be around.


Thrill seekers, adaptable, playful, spontaneous

E=Extrovert: I can see him being the type who prefers to be around others. He seems like he can get lonely pretty quickly, so I agree with Extrovert. I don’t see him on a high scale, just a bit more Extrovert.

S=Sensor: Definitely seems more realistic than imaginative. I saw that in their MBTI video. He seems to stay grounded in reality.

F=Feeler: He goes with the flow, not trying to think too much about things, or analyze too much about things. He just goes with his gut, and goes for it. He can also be pretty sensitive, and he gets pretty sulky when members don’t hang out with him. I do think he is emotional, but I do think he struggles to address emotional things as well.

P=Perceiver:Yeah, doesn’t care too much about structure, or planning things. I find him to be such a free spirit. He is a Sag, so makes sense.


Wild, independent,fun, outgoing

He is a true Sagittarius to me. Carefree, fun loving, doesn’t care too much, or worry too much about things. Just does his own thing.He isn’t much into drama, he rather have fun, than stress out about things. Sag’s tend to not like to be tied down. They like doing their own thing. The idol life may be hard for his Sag nature at times, but he does his best to have fun with it. Sag’s tend to adapt well, so he will be fine. Unlike Sunghoon, who is a bit more reserved. Niki is a lot more carefree, and expressive. He does have that no filter energy, along with Sunghoon though. He may be a bit wreckless and careless as well. Sagittarius energy tends to act before thinking, so he might be careful with that. He would be someone who would be a lot of fun to be around, and have some interesting insights and ideas. He might like to do things his own way, and may struggle to fall in line, as Sag’s are free spirits, and like to beat their own drum.

Archetype: I will pull 6 oracle cards to help determine his personality type. Some cards may be negative. We all have flaws, he is human. No judgment. This is my interpretation, not facts.

The first card I pulled is The Warrior(shadow aspect). He is tough and resilient, a fighter, but can be a bit too defensive, may be a bit aggressive, or hurtful. The second card is The Pilgrim(light), this card gives me Sagittarius energy. He likes to explore, try new things, and venture out. Does not like being stuck in one place. The third card is The Shaman(shadow), he can tend to manipulate the environment around it can be helpful, but can also be hurtful. He is pretty skilled, and very good with his hands, so this can be a helpful tool for him in life. It also shows he is really talented. The next card is The Village(light), a need for comfort and community. He most likely has a small circle of people he connects with, it may be the members. The next card is The Mystic(shadow), shadow side usually means not too attuned with spirituality, more focused on worldly things, focusing on experiences within this world. The last card is The Eternal Child(shadow), a bit of a childish side, a bit immature/naive. He is young, so this isn’t surprising. He still got some maturing to do, but that makes sense. He may also like to cling onto his youthfulness a bit too much as well.

Personality Type(Open, Closed, Ambivalent)

I say open. I think he is easily read. I will be honest, I don’t pay attention to him too much, regarding his personality, since I find the others a little more interesting, so I don’t have as many tidbits to say about him, as I do as the others. I find him to be a great performer and dancer though. I just feel Sagittarius’ tend to be more open, because they usually express themselves freely. You get what you see from them. I say he has that energy.

Sunghoon Personality

Next up, Park Sunghoon. Known as the “Ice Prince.” I quite like that name. I quite like his personality as well. He seems cold and awkward, but he does have a sweet and warm nature to him.


Detail-oriented, planners, logical, objective

I=Introvert:I say he is more comfortable being alone, doing his own thing. He is pretty private, and I feel he is more at ease alone.

S=Sensor: Logical, detailed, realistic. Not much into imagination, or fantasy. He sees it how it is. Lives through his 5 senses.

T=Thinker: I see him having no problem stating his opinions, even if it is hurtful. He likes to get his point across. He prefers truth over kindness, for himself, or towards others.

J=Judger: I see him preferring order and structure, not the most spontaneous in his daily life, but he can be when choosing a career. As he went from an ice skater to an idol. That is his Sag nature.

Astrology:Sagittarius(Sun sign)

Free spirits, explorers, spontaneous,

I see Sagittarius as lively, carefree people. They can be pretty chatty, and out there as well. Sunghoon doesn’t really show these traits as much. He seems a bit more conservative, it could be he has other signs, like Earth and Air signs that keep him grounded. Sagittarius’ can be a bit reckless. They are fun and spontaneous. They like to try new things. I do see this trait in Sunghoon. I don’t think he likes to stick to one job. He likes to try new things, even if it is challenging or uncomfortable. Sag’s don’t like to be told what to do. I see that in him. They are independent thinkers, and as I mentioned free spirits. He likes doing things his own way. Also, another thing is they have no filter. He will speak his mind, and may say things that may be out of line, but that is their nature. They like to speak their truth. They are expressive that way. He can be honest and blunt, and come off a bit insensitive, but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t care. It is a way Sagittarius communicate.


Note:I will pull 6 cards to get his personality and energy. Some cards may show negative traits, but we are all humans, and have flaws, no judgment. This is my interpretation, not facts.

First card is The Warrior(Shadow). Can be aggressive, stubborn, strong willed. The next card is The Queen(neutral), as I mentioned he is a Sag, they are vocal, they stand up for themselves, can come off a bit strong, and hurtful, but no one is pushing this man down. The next card is The Dead End(Shadow), may push himself too much, may not know when to stop. The next card is The Poet(neutral), words can be beautiful, he may write some lovely and beautiful things, but can also write lyrics that are hurtful and painful. He may be into writing at the moment. The next card is The Womb(neutral), he can be warm and nurturing. He may also have a need for comfort. The last card is The Mountain(shadow), may be wreckless, always having a mountain to climb, may never be satisfied.

Personality Type(Open, Closed, or Ambivalent)

I say he is pretty open. I find him easy to read. Direct, honest. He can be surprisingly emotional. Seems cold, but actually pretty warm and sweet. He is just awkward around people he isn’t comfortable with. He can get a bit out of line with comments he makes, like most of the members, but that is his no filter nature. He is actually really nice and sweet. Emotions for him are hard to address, but I do see he cares for members in his own way.

Jay Personality

Next up is Jay. Is he known as the mood maker of the team? I see him as very sensitive, but tries his best to hold it in. He may have this cold exterior, but is actually really warm and caring, crazy sensitive. Anyway, let’s go into his personality.



E=Extrovert: He comes off more introverted, but I can see him enjoying the company of others. He just may be shy to strangers, but enjoys the company of people he is close with. I say he may be an ambivert, with a mixture of both traits. I do think he may like the spotlight, and attention, which leans him to be more extroverted.

N=Intuitive: I haven’t seen this side of him, so not much to say. I can see him being really reflective and in his head a lot, but he just doesn’t express it, so I can see why he leans more towards Intuitive. We just don’t know, because he doesn’t express it.

F=Feeler: I find him to be really sensitive. He is known to be empathetic and caring from the members. I do see him as someone who leads with emotions. He cares a lot about the wellbeing of people he loves.

J=Judger: I see more of the J trait, he likes keeping things tidy, and he like order and structure, no doubt. I just remember during their NY concert when he got flustered, because Sunoo changed the script of one of their ments, that showcases his style of liking things how they are planned. Spontaneity isn’t his style. He is a Taurus, so this makes sense, they like stability, comfort and order.

Astrology:Taurus(Sun Sign)

Taurus can be a bit stubborn and hard headed. I can honestly see him like that. They seem cold and aloof, but are actually pretty sensitive and warm. They can also be brutally honest. They aren’t trying to be hurtful, it is just their nature, to say it how it is. Jay has a pretty chill vibe, as most Taurus are. He may be hard to get to know, and it may take some time to truly get to know him, but once you do, he will be reliable, warm, and empathetic. Also, if you want honesty, he would be the one to go to. He may not be the biggest dreamer, or idealistic. He may lean more towards practicality. If he is happy, he will show happiness. If he is sad, he will show that too. Taurus’ don’t fake it. He likes the finer things in life. Loves earthly possessions. Taurus’ are very sensual, and like earthly aesthetics, so his love for fashion, and looking good are part of his Taurus nature. He may be a bit stubborn and stuck in his ways, and would be hard to change.


Note:I will pull 6 oracle cards to get an understanding of his personality. Some cards may show negative traits. We are all human, have flaws, so no judgment. This is my interpretation, not facts.

The first card is The Mystic(neutral). He may have a spiritual/intuitive side to him, but can also steer away from it, and be more concerned with materialism. The next card is The Warrior(neutral). He is tough, resilient, and strong, but can be aggressive, stubborn, and harsh. As I mentioned before, Taurus nature. They are head strong. Next we got The Healer. He helps heal others, cares for others. He tries to be a healing force for himself and others. Next up is Kairos(neutral), a sense of patience, being in the moment, but may also try to rush things, or force things. The next card is Thantos, the card of grieving, mourning, loss, and death. Could be grieving a loss of some sort. The last card is The Ring(neutral), a need for connection, loyalty to the people he cares for, a person who can find connections. On the other end, could mean cycles repeating with no resolution, repetitive patterns, or a constant need to connect or connect things.

Personality Type(Open,Closed, or Ambivalent)

I say he is more closed. I think you learn more about him the closer you are to him. I think the more I get to know about him, the more I can pinpoint him, but like Jake. I don’t read him as well as the others. He doesn’t express himself well, so it is hard to know how he thinks, he is more action oriented, which I also think is a Taurus trait.

Jake Personality

I will continue with Jake. I do like his personality. He is very chill, warm, caring, king of fan service, and pretty intuitive/perceptive. I will group this into 4 categories(MBTI/Astrology/Archetype/Personality Type).


Planners, list makers, traditional, creates order

E=Extrovert: I think he does prefer to be around others, and really enjoys the company of others. I will say he seems like more of an ambivert, a mixture of both. I don’t see him wanting to be around others too often, or being alone too often.

S=Sensor: I honestly don’t recognize this trait in him, but I haven’t seen his imaginative side either, since he is a Scorpio. I feel he can be more intuitive. I’ll just stick with this though.

T=Thinker: I feel he can be compromising and cooperative at times, but at times being more analytical and logical. i will say he seems more fact based. I saw a bit of thought in their mbti video.

J=Judger:Okay, don’t see him as much of a planner, or too strict with things, so this surprises me. I see him as a go with the flow person. I might have to look into him more to see this.

Astrology:Scorpio(Sun Sign)

Truth seekers, passionate, loyal, fearless

Definitely the type of person you can tell your dark secrets too. Although they are a water sign. I don’t see this sign expressing their emotions as freely as the others, as I see with Jake. He can be very intuitive. He is charming. A great person to talk to. He is quite an enigma to me though. I can’t really read him as well as the others. Scorpio’s tend to be hard to read, so that makes sense. I find Jake to be really intuitive, and seems to understand the members more than anyone else in the group. I think he really likes to get to know others, and have lovely in-depth conversations with them. He is charming, cool and collective on the surface, but most likely really sensitive and emotional deep down. Mystery, depth and intensity is what Scorpio’s bring to mind. Feelings and emotions can get intense, especially when in love. He is private and will only tell you what he wants. He may seem really cool, calm, and collective, but deep down he is intense and emotional.


Note:I will pull 6 oracle cards for his energy and personality. Some cards may be negative, which is okay, because we are human, and flawed, no judgments. Also, this is my interpretation, not facts.

First card is The Lovers(Shadow), can get obsessive, extremely passionate, may focus too much attention on one thing, can have addictive behavior. He may also be a bit intense(Scorpio trait), As I mentioned with Heeseung, I am similar, so no judgments here. The second card is The Vessel(light), someone who holds things together, is able to contain his emotions, and has a sort of resilience. Next card is The Cave(shadow), secretive nature, he likes to keep things to himself. Next card is Anima Mundi, he is someone who has an understanding of the world, or recognizes that one can’t control everything. Accepts the good and bad, and all in between. The next card is The Queen(neutral), not afraid to speak his mind, can be sassy and demanding. He knows what he wants, and isn’t afraid to express it. Last card is The Flame(light), this shows passion, motivation, and determination. He may also be feeling inspired, or creative.

Personality Type(Open,closed, ambivalent).

I say ambivalent personality type. He can be confusing to read, but there are parts of him I can read. He is very charming, but I think there is more to him than he lets on. This is just how I read him, but honestly he doesn’t have to share everything with the public, so not trying to knock him down. That is just how I read him. He is a Scorpio, and they tend to show you what they want, but keep their true nature to themselves, or close friends and family.