My Favorite KPOP Songs of 2021

We are no closing in on the year. I like to list and discuss my favorite Kpop Songs of the year. I will do this in no particular order. I will go off my Spotify top 100 list.

0X1=Lovesong(I Know I Love You) Tomorrow X Together: I really like how they ventured into a more rock sound, and did something different. It was refreshing to hear. I just enjoy anything they release.

Magic Tomorrow X Together: I guess this can be a bit generic in sound, but I enjoyed this song. Simple, but fun to listen to.

What If I Had Been that Puma Tomorrow X Together: This is so fun to listen to. I find this song to be really exciting. Yeah, it is a bit autotuned, but I don’t care.

Loser Lover Tomorrow X Together: If this was released earlier, this most likely would have been my number one song. My favorite release this year.

In the Morning Itzy: Such a bop, brings the fire, has their energy. This sound really suits them.

Flip A Coin Victon: Happily surprised this was so high on my playlist, but this song never gets old. Hanse’s first verse rap is brilliant. The chorus is catchy af. Vocals are good as well.

No Rules Tomorrow X Together: Fun song, very catchy. The album had so many faves of mine.

Given Taken Enhypen: This song hasn’t gotten old for me, even though it was released in late 2020. This song is so good. Have not been as invested in their other tracks. The instrumental is really pretty.

Cinema Cix: Such a refreshing song in Kpop. The sound was different from others. I love how melodic it was, also that they didn’t force a rap verse in it. This song still hasn’t gotten old. I am not sure they can release something as good as this in the future, but we’ll see.

Frost Tomorrow X Together: Love the intensity of this song. This has a bit more edge, than their other songs of this record.

I’m Not Cool Hyuna: This such a fun song to listen to, and dance to. A great workout, hype song.

HWAA (G)I-DLE: One of my favorite releases from them. The song is so hypnotizing.

Misunderstood Kang Daniel: Not sure why I fell in love with this song, but I did.

Next Level Aespa: I found more of an appreciation for this at the end of this year. Savage quickly lost my interest, but this still has my attention. I get why people may not like it, but let us who love it, enjoy it. I think the switch ups are well done. I find the chorus to be iconic.

Paranoia Kang Daniel: This grew on me more as the year went on. I still find myself enjoying this song. It is quite riveting.

My Thoughts on Kpop Soloist 2021

Now I will discuss my thoughts on Kpop soloist this year. These are artist I enjoy listening to, either in the past, or as of now.

Kang Daniel: He didn’t release anything as impressive as Magenta, but he still solidified himself as my favorite soloist with his releases this year. Paranoia and his bside Misunderstood were one my favorite Kpop releases this year. I love that he challenges himself to switch up his sound. I love an artists who can release music with different sounds. It shows their range of talent. He is also an incredible performer.

What I like in 2022: Hopefully he releases a full album of 10 songs at least. I want more songs. Also keep doing what he is doing by changing up his sound.

Baekhyun: I found his new release boring. His music has regressed it time. I hope he can bring the spark back when he is released, but this comeback wasn’t it. His voice is still the most beautiful thing in Kpop for me though.

What I like in 2022: Will he be out of the military? If so, new music that is refreshing and fun.

B.I: I enjoyed his album this year, my faves being Waterfall and illa illa. I love his composing skills. What a talent he is.

What I like in 2022: Just keep doing what he does.

Hyuna: I’m Not Cool is such a bop. One of my favorite releases this year. Didn’t care for anything else she released this year

What I like in 2022-Not much of a fan, so not much.

Park Jihoon: I loved his second album in 2019, but nothing really impressed me from him, since then. I checked out his comebacks, but the TT and bsides were forgettable unfortunately.

What I like in 2022: Bring back the spark that made me a fan. I really like his talent, but his music is lacking.

Ha Sungwoon: The same thing as above applies to him as well. His second release was brilliant, but nothing as good, since then.

What I like in 2022: Copy and paste what I said above. His voice is so good. I want to enjoy his music more.

Jessi: Nunu Nana was the sh**. I have not cared for anything else she released, and nothing stood out for me this year.

What I like in 2022: Nothing much.

IU: I probably only listen to her for the hype. I don’t really vibe with her music. I liked Celebrity for a minute, but that got old.

What I like in 2022: Don’t care.

Kyungsoo(D.O): I really liked I’m Gonna Love You. I enjoyed his sound of his EP. I didn’t vibe with it a lot, but I respected it. His voice makes anything enjoyable.

What I like in 2022: I hope he ventures into more R&B with his solo work.

Taemin: I listened to his stuff back in the day, but just don’t check for his stuff as much these days. He is very experimental as a soloist, so that is nice to see.

What I like in 2022: Nothing really.

Key: Bad Love blew me away, so glad he got a win with that. I quite enjoyed his 1st Mini album. A good year musically for him. I love the retro vibe he brought to his music. I am a sucker for 80’s retro music.

What I like in 2022: Nothing really.

Chungha: Didn’t really enjoy anything she released this year. Haven’t checked her album, not much motivation.

What I like in 2022: Nothing much.

Sumni: I enjoyed You Can Sit With Us. Her music usually gets old for me. I haven’t found a song of hers I can have on repeat for a long time.

What I like in 2022:Nothing.

Somi: Dumb Dumb is such a bop. She usually releasing one song I vibe with hard each year, but nothing more. I know people don’t like that song, and I get it, but I can fu** with it.

What I like in 2022: Nothing much. I am not that much of a fan.

Demian: I really liked his debut song Cassette, but nothing has interest me as much, since then, including his releases this year. I actually forgot about him, until I saw his song on my playlist.

What I like in 2022: For him to release more interesting material. I love his voice, so I would like to enjoy his content more.

Leehi: I found the song she released as TT to be a bit boring for my taste, so I didn’t find any interest to listen to her album. I do adore her voice. Her song with B.I was cool.

What I like in 2022: I am not sure I care for anything.

My Thoughts on Kpop Groups(2021)

I thought I’ll use this post to share my thoughts on Kpop groups I am familiar with, and discuss what I thought about them, and their music this year. There are plenty to go over, so here we go. I will only list groups I have listened to in the past, or still enjoy now. There are too many groups out there to list.

Tomorrow X Together: I guess I should start with my ULT group. I absolutely loved their album. My favorite Kpop release this year. Their title tracks were amazing. I love that they switch their sound. I love how diverse musically they are. The are quite different from the trends in Kpop right now, and I love it. Freeze is legendary. They were exciting to watch this year.

What I like for 2022: I like them to venture into more hip-hop/R&B sounds. They talk about how this was what they practiced in their trainee years, love to see it now.

ITZY: They have released two awesome title tracks. Their album Guess Who was one of my favorites. They definitely made their way to be my ULT girl group. I love them as performers. They were my second most listened to artists behind TXT, so that says a lot. I really enjoyed their comebacks this year.

What I like in 2022: Nothing in particular. I just hope they keep bringing it to their sound. Keep that energy going.

BTS: Were surprisingly my third most listened to Kpop act, besides TXT and ITZY. I didn’t think I listened to them as much, since they only released 3 singles this year. I enjoyed Butter. PTD got old quick, and My Universe was nice. I did have a lot of their older tracks on my playlist, so that may the reason.

What I like in 2022: A Korean comeback, full album. I like them to do music for the sake of creating music, not for sales/recognition. I like their artistry back. No hate, get why they do it. It will be harder with members going to the military.

Seventeen: Another group in my top 5 artist this year. I did enjoy their comebacks this year, but none didn’t really blow me away. An Ode era can’t be surpassed for me, not yet.

What I like for 2022: Hmm, have the sound be a bit more experimental. The comebacks have been a bit basic musically.

Twice: The Feels grew on me, so did The Scientist. I did like some of their tracks from their latest album. They didn’t blow me away with their music this year, but they had some enjoyable songs. I believe the only song of theirs that made my top 100 was Get Loud (a bop by the way), so that says a lot. They didn’t really have a song I really loved this year.

What I like in 2022: I just hope I get songs I can vibe to a bit more.

Blackpink: Lol good one, not one damn release from them as a group, wtf YG. I did enjoy Rose and Lisa’s songs, but lets get the group going again, K thanks.

What I like in 2022: At least 10 new songs, and that is the least they can do.

Victon: Umm, why the fu** did they have just one comeback this year! Flip A Coin is such a bop. One of my favorite tracks this year. Their album and TT were fun to listen to as well. I am happy to hear we are getting 3 comebacks next year.

What I like in 2022: Looks like they will be fulfilling what I want next year. I will miss Han Seungwoo though.

G(i)dle: Well, they started 2021 with a splash, loved HWAA, but then they disappeared. They are starting to lose their status as one of the 4th gen leading girl groups, and I am not sure I like that. I guess there are scandals, not too invested in what that is, but I hope they get things together.

What I like in 2022: More than one comeback throughout the year. Get back to being one of the leading 4th gen girl groups.

Mamamoo: I don’t really follow them too much. Gogobebe is my jam, but not into anything else they release after that. I am just surprised how quiet they have been this year, even with new music, like what happened. This was one of the biggest groups 2019/20.

What I like in 2022: Don’t really care music wise, but maybe their company promoting them better.

Monsta X: Their sound is becoming too similar with their Korean releases. I am really not into these aggressive loud sounds they release. I get it is their sound, but it would be nice to switch it up, like how they used to, but if they want to keep it this way, then that is fine. I did enjoy their English album release, so it seems I will just be checking for their English stuff for now on.

What I like in 2022: More English releases. I enjoy their English releases more, due to the sound being more upbeat and soft. This is more my alley of sound.

NCT: I don’t love their title tracks, but their albums as a whole is a pleasure to listen to. I love the diversity of their sounds. I did dig Dream’s title tracks, but 127 not so much. I did prefer 127’s albums though.

What I like in 2022: Nothing different, I like what they are doing. Maybe bring WinWin to the mix again pertaining 127.

Red Velvet: Enjoyed their comeback, didn’t love it. Nothing special about it, or memorable. It came and it went. I was in love with POSE for a good minute. Not much to say about them.

What I like in 2022: Nothing really, just hopefully a track I can vibe to, or album. Have a more memorable and exciting release.

Everglow: Didn’t really pay attention to them at all this year. I heard The First, and was like nope. Not really checking for them as much anymore.

What I like in 2022: Nothing really.

Enhypen: Given Taken was one of my most listened song from them, yeah I know it was released in 2020, but I played the sh** out of it this year. I listened to their other songs, but none of them stuck with me like that one did.

What I like in 2022: Nothing really. Not that interested in them.

Aespa: Savage was pretty dope when it was released. I am a bit over it now. Next Level is starting to get old. I did like their album, but don’t listen to it as much anymore. I say their songs are fun at first, but die out eventually, well except Black Mamba, a bop.

What I like in 2022: Hopefully a comeback I can vibe with, and that keeps my interests months after.

AB6IX: I did enjoy their title track earlier this year. The one after that, not so much, and haven’t checked for them since then. I believed they released something else, not sure. They kind of fell off for me.

What I like in 2022: More songs I can vibe with.

CIX: Cinema is one of my favorite Kpop releases this year, it was different from what was trending, and I love that they didn’t add unnecessary rapping, and allowed just vocals, it was refreshing, but their second release wasn’t my cup of tea, not sure they released anything else, but haven’t checked for them as well. Wasn’t really into their bsides as well.

What I like in 2022: Give me a song like Cinema please! Give me that refreshing vibe.

iKON: I think they released something this year? I am pretty sure I didn’t like it. Not sure I can be into this group anymore without B.I. He was a huge part of their music making, sorry.

What I like in 2022: Nothing, I hope they can still do well. I wish the best for the group.

Secret Number: Got That Boom was one of my most listened to tracks this year. I know it was released in late 2020, but since I played it a lot this year, it counts as 2021. I didn’t really check for their comeback this year, or I did, but forgot about it.

What I like in 2022: Give me another bop I can vibe to.

Weeekly: I fell in love with Holiday Party for a good minute, but it got old. I don’t really listen to it as much anymore. Not much more to say.

What I like in 2022: Nothing much.

Treasure: I enjoyed their comeback in January, but come on, that is all we get! They are a new group. They should be releasing more music. If I didn’t have them on Twitter. I would forget this group existed tbh.

What I like in 2022: More comebacks throughout the year, but who am I kidding, it is YG. Promote the group more as well.

Cravity: I am like one of the few people who liked My Turn, what a bop. It landed on my top 100 songs of the year. I also really liked their bside Call My Name, but crickets since then…apparently they released another comeback, but had no clue, so yeah. I do agree that the track was a bit NCTish, and they also have songs similar to Monsta X.

What I like in 2022: I was going to say more than one comeback, but have nothing now, maybe don’t spread them too far, because I forgot to check for them, or lost interest/excitement, due to distractions from other groups, and the last comeback being so far away. Also give them their own sound, instead of mimicking other groups, like Monsta X/NCT.

Stray Kids: Title tracks sounding a bit too similar. Not into the aggressive sound in Kpop. Their bsides add a bit of diversity, but I don’t find them that interesting, so still can’t fully get into their music anymore.

What I like in 2022: There isn’t really anything I want, sometimes you just don’t vibe with a group as much anymore. Props to them from gaining more success in 2020, and this year.

Ateez: Pretty similar to my thoughts on Stray Kids, but seem to enjoy their music a tad bit more these days. I just think I don’t really vibe with their music as much anymore. It happens.

What I like in 2022: Same thoughts as above.

SHINee: Happy that they had successful comeback this year. I did like Don’t Call Me and Body rhythm for a good minute, but I am not listening to it as much these days. I am still always happy to see them release new music, since they are the group that introduced me to Kpop.

What I like in 2022: More success in 2022, and more music. May be a bit hard, until Taemin comes back.

StayC:I did like ASAP and So Bad for a bit. I wouldn’t say I am a huge fan of them. Those songs gold old after a couple of listens.

What I like in 2022: Nothing much, don’t care too much, but if they release a bop I like I wouldn’t mind.

MCND:Enjoyed their music two years ago, but not feeling their music at all this year. I enjoyed their TT track for their first comeback this year for a minute, but quickly lost interest, and haven’t paid attention to them, since then.

What I like in 2022-Hopefully they release something that I can vibe with, because I do like them. I like their talent.

Astro: Unfortunately didn’t really enjoy anything from them this year, but I did still have Blue Flame on my playlist all year.

What I like in 2022-Similar thoughts as above.

A.C.E: They had some great releases with Undercover and Favorite. I did enjoy Higher, and their bside Clover, but I am not as excited about their music as much as I was before. They are falling off for me music wise.

What I like in 2022-Hopefully they release a song that slays my existence, like the TT tracks in the past.

Loona: I listened to them a bit last year with one of their comebacks. I totally forgot the song, but I did enjoy their TT for a bit. This year haven’t checked for them too much. I think I tried to listen to one of their TT this year, didn’t like it, and just stopped checking for them, since then.

What I like in 2022- I am not that big of a fan, so not much.

Okay, there are like a million groups, so will stop here. These are mostly the ones I have listened to in the past and recently. I will do soloist in another post. That one shouldn’t be as long.

P1Harmony: I did enjoy Siren at the end of 2020, and listened to it into 2021. I also enjoyed Scared, and still do listen to it from time to time. They release bops. I am not too sure of their bsides. I am not that into them to look into their bsides, but I do check for their TT.

What I like in 2022- Not too into them to care, but I do like their TT’s.

EXO: Pretty much had a rushed comeback. It was so quick that I forgot they released something this year. I did like the TT for a minute, but left it in the dust soon after. I am not even sure they released other tracks, or if they just released a single.

What I like in 2022: Not really into them as a group as much anymore, so nothing really.

Oneus: I enjoyed their music in 2019, less so in 2020, and completely ignored their comebacks this year. I may give their music a try sometime, but I am just too into other groups, so I kind of neglected them this year.

What I like in 2022: I am not that into them, so not really looking forward to anything.


NCT HaeChan Kpop Profile - Kpopmap - Kpop, Kdrama and Trend Stories Coverage

Haechan is confirmed to be an ENFJ. “Campaigners (ENFPs) are true free spirits – outgoing, openhearted, and open-minded. With their lively, upbeat approach to life, they stand out in any crowd. But even though they can be the life of the party, Campaigners don’t just care about having a good time. These personality types run deep – as does their longing for meaningful, emotional connections with other people.”(

E=Extrovert: This is pretty straightforward. No surprises here. He seems to be much more energetic and lively around others, but with a small group tend to be more reserved. True nature of an Extrovert.

N=Intuitive: H seems quick on his feet, and has the ability to navigate through problems and find solutions in a creative way. He can see the big picture of things. He suits this trait.

F=Feeler: I see him more as a T. I believed he is more rational and logical, more fact based. This trait may be more reserved to the casual eye. He may show more of this side in a private setting. I may have to look deep into his personality to see this, but as a casual fan I see T more.

P=Perceiver: Dude is crazy spontaneous. This trait is strong in him. I don’t see him at all caring about schedules and planning things. He goes with the flow.

When I read the description of ENFP’s, I felt it described his personality very well. I do see him as a caring individual, but felt he had more T traits in him. He is an Open personality, easy to get and understand. An energetic, fun, ball of sunshine. He definitely brings life to a group setting.