Seventeen “Your Choice” Review

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Another one of my favorite groups just released a new mini album. I like to discuss this one as well. I quite enjoyed this one, so I thought I share my thoughts with this one as well.

1.Heaven’s Cloud-I am a sucker for the nostalgic 80’s sound. This song gives that vibe. I also like the bright sound the production showcases. This song is my style. I really like it.9/10

2.Ready To Love-Nice synth sound I am hearing in the production, during the chorus. It adds some excitement to the song. The song is quite catchy. It doesn’t interest me as much as “Hit” or “Fear.” I don’t find this to be one of their more impressive title tracks, but I o enkoy listening to this song.8.5/10

3.Anyone-I really like the production of this song. I like the guitar sound in the production. The beat of this song is really catchy. The production, during the pre-chorus is the highlight for me. I do like the chorus as well. This is one of my faves.9/10

4.Game Boi(Rap Line)-This song is so catchy. The production is pretty dope. Not much to say. This is a bop. For anyone who doesn’t care for auto-tune. This may not be your cup of tea.8.5/10

5.Wave(Dance line)-Very dream like production. This has a bit of a disco vibe to it. This song suits the dance line pretty well. It doesn’t excite me as much as “Lilili Yabbay” did, but this song is still enjoyable.8/10

6.Same dream, same mind, same night(Vocal line)-Sounds like some nice baby making music. It gives me Bruno Mars vibes. I get R&B 90’s vibes with this. The vocals are on point as always. This song is really enjoyable to listen to. A nice song to just have some wine and listen to. It is so calming and comforting. A great way to end things.9/10

I didn’t think I would enjoy this album as much as I did. This may be my second favorite release in Kpop this ear. A nice mix of songs. I am sure there will be one song you will at least find enjoyable.

Album score:9/10


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This review is long overdue. After listening to this non stop for over a month. I thought I discuss my thoughts on this album and the songs. I always look forward to new releases from my utl group, and they seem to never disappoint for me. Their versatility music wise always sparks my interest. Lets get into it.

1.Anti-Romantic-This song is so heartbreakingly beautiful. A sweet sad song. The lyrics are relatable, which is why it became popular for a b-side. The production is pretty simple. The lyrics and vocals are the highlight of this song. I was obsessed with this at first, but my love for it has died a bit, but still appreciate the beauty of this song.9/10

2.0X1=LOVESONG(I Know I Love You) featuring Seori-Seori adds a nice touch to the vocals on this song. I like the rock sound production showcasing their versatility musically. I enjoy the vocals from the members. Their title tracks are always impressive, and this one is no different.10/10

3.Magic-Their first English track. This song is really catchy. I like the groovy production to this. It just makes you want to dance. The production isn’t too exciting, but the song has a great vibe overall. I just find the track enjoyable to listen to.10/10

4.Ice Cream-I really like the chorus of this song. I find it to be the highlight of this song. I find it so catchy. This song doesn’t interest me as much as the other songs, but still a pretty good song.8/10

5.What If I Had Been That Puma- I didn’t care for this first listen, but this song has grown to be one of my favorites, if not favorite. I think this is the best production wise. I get that the auto-tune can be a downside, but I am not bothered by it. This song suits my style, and it is fun to bop to. The pre-chorus is my favorite. I can’t help but dance listening to this.10/10

6. No Rules-This so catchy and fun. The harmonize at the end of the pre-chorus is so well down. This song just makes you want to dance. This song can put anyone in a better mood. I really enjoy the production of this song as well.10/10

7.Dear Sputnik-I like the production on this one, the heavy emphasis on the guitar is pretty dope. This one has some rock influence as well. I don’t enjoy this one as much as the others, but it has grown on me, so it can end up being one of my faves.8.5/10

8.Frost-Hueningkai’s laugh is everything in this. Kai and Taehyun’s vocals in the chorus is so enjoyable to listen to. I really enjoy listening to this song. I don’t have much else to say about this, but I freaking love this song.9/10

Production wise I did find it a bit simple to Kpop sound standards, but somehow I still loved the songs. They just pull me in with everything they do, which is why they are my ult group. I like the versatility of sounds. Their vocals were stronger. Whatever they do, I love. Something about their sound just hits me on another level, like no other group. I still listen to this on repeat, and probably will, until their next release.

Album score:9.5/10

Kpop Comeback Ranking of 2021

Here I will rank and discuss the popular comebacks so far this year. I will also add some comebacks that weren’t as popular, but that I found to be awesome and should have been popular. I will not add BTS’ Butter or Rose’s On the Ground, since I consider them pop tracks, since they are in English. I will say both are bops, and are definitely two of my favorite songs this year. I will add them to my general song section on my music blog. Anyway lets start.

23.What Type of X-Jessi I am not feeling this as much as Nunu Nana. I like the switch of sound to a more rock style, but I don’t care for the sound my self.

22.Bambi-Baekhyun I will miss new music from him for a bit. This was his farewell comeback. I wish I would have liked this song and album more, but just wasn’t feeling this.

21.Odd Eye-Dreamcatcher This song has some catchy parts, the chorus is pretty catchy, but for some reason I can’t get into Kpop songs with heavy elements of rock. Scream is still my favorite from them.

20.Lilac-IU Cute song. I like the 80’s sound in the production. This song is just okay to me, doesn’t do much for me.

19.Tail-Sumni I like the production of this song. I can’t really get in to this song, besides that.

18.Bicycle-Chungha I like the groove of this song. It has a nice rhythmic vibe. This song isn’t something I can continue to listen to on repeat. This one doesn’t have that spark, like Gotta Go and Snapping.

17.Dun Dun Dance-Oh My Girl This sing is cute, fun and light. I don’t know if this has a hold on me, like Nonstop did. This could be a grower.

16.After School-Weeekly I can get the hype of this song. The chorus is pretty catchy. I haven’t got into the hype, but this could grow on me.

15.Fireworks-Ateez I liked this song for about two weeks, but it got old. I hope they go back to lighter songs in the future. I miss Wave type songs from them. I like their hardcore stuff, but I need something new from them.

14.ASAP-Stayc The production is pretty cool. I like this song, but this is another one that got kind of old. It isn’t a song I can continue to listen to on repeat afterawhile.

13.My Treasure-Treasure Cute song. Definitely my favorite comeback, since Boy, but still none of their songs is on the level of Boy for me. I like this, but not a song I can repeatedly bop to. I got bored of this after awhile.

12.Drunk-Dazed-Enhypen Fun song, nothing great, but I do enjoy listening to this.

11.Hot Sauce-NCT Dream This sing is so fun to listen to. The production is pretty dope. Still doesn’t top Boom for me, but I prefer it to Ridin.

10.Celebrity-IU This is a song that has grown on me. I am really starting to get the appeal now. I really like the production on this song, and her voice is so nice to listen to.

9.Don’t Call Me-SHINee Okay, another song that has grown on me. I am happy to see them gain attention again with this song. The album is pretty dope as well.

8.Paranoia-Kang Daniel I liked this sing at first, lost interest, and then fell in love with it recently. I am really enjoying this song at the moment. This man has really grown as an artist, and experiments with different sounds. He has become one of my favorite male artists.

7.Unnatural-WJSN Really digging this song lately. I have this song on repeat. This is so enjoyable to listen to. I am still not tired of it. That transition in the chorus is really catchy.

6.HWAA-(G)i-dle My favorite track from them. I feel like this song should be bigger than it is for how popular they are. Anyway, this song still has my attention, even being released earlier this year. One of their best comebacks, if not, best.

5.Scared-P1harmony-Not a popular song, but it should be. The production us crazy good, and their vocals are nice to hear. Please give this a listen!

4.Cinema-Cix I can still listen to this like I am hearing it for the first time. The melodic sound is so refreshing. The song is just so good to me.

3.Next Level-Aespa I don’t normally like crazy sound switches in songs, but they make it work. The production is really dope as well. I like the unique sound of this. You don’t hear many songs like this.

2.I’m Not Cool-Hyuna She killed it with this song. I don’t think this will ever get old. This song is my style. Upbeat, dance type song. I just want to dance listening to this song. I love these type of songs.

1.In The Morning-ITZY I really shouldn’t like this song. It isn’t even my style of production. I honestly don’t like productions like this, but somehow Itzy makes me love it. This just fits perfectly with them. I don’t know why I love this song so much, but I do. This is now my favorite track from them. I think I like it, because it is different from other songs in Kpop now, so it stands out for me.

It was fun looking back on some of these songs, and also enjoying some new songs to add to my playlist. There hasn’t been many impressive comebacks for me this year, which is why I haven’t posted my favorite comebacks in awhile, but looking forward to future comebacks this year, especially my Ults Tomorrow X Together!

Tomorrow X Together Discography Ranking

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I decided to make a new series of a ranking of my least to favorite songs of a particular Kpop group. To celebrate TXT’s new comeback. I wanted to start with them. They are my ULT group, so I thought it would be really fun to go through their songs and rank them. I like all their songs, which is why they are my ults, but I got to rank them, so sadly some will be at the bottom. I will exclude Japanese releases. Here I go!

26.Cat&Dog(English Version)-The lyrics are just a bit too cringy for me. I just can’t seriously listen to this one, since I can understand everything. I believe I listened to this version maybe 5 times.

25.Nap of a Star-Pretty song, but it is too simple for my taste. I am not a big fan of ballads, so their slower songs will rank lower for me.

24.20cm-As I mentioned, their slower songs will rank lower for me. I prefer their more upbeat songs. I do like their vocals in this song.

23.Fairy of Shampoo-Pretty song, but not my taste. I listen to this every once in awhile, but not too often. This song doesn’t do much for me.

22.Cat&Dog-I am not sure if the lyrics are as cringy, but since they are singing it in Korean. It isn’t as noticeable. I do really like the production of the song. This song is fun to listen to.

21.Wishlist-Okay from this song on I actually really like all these songs, but had to rank them. It was hard for me to choose between this one and Ghosting for the next two rankings. I like the rock edge of these songs. This song is really fun to listen to. I really like their vocals, during the bridge part.

20.Ghosting-I chose this one above Wishlist, because I like the production a bit more, and I really like the chorus of this one.

19.Poppin’ Star-This song is so cute. I don’t think this song is very memorable. It doesn’t stick out to me, unlike most of their songs, but I do enjoy listening to it when it comes on.

18.Way Home-Their isn’t anything particular about this song that I can point out, maybe that I really like Yeonjun’s rap in it. Also, Taehyun’s high note. I just enjoy listening to this.

17.PUMA-Legit surprised I have this as low as I do, but it just shows how awesome I think their songs are. As much as I love this song. I just enjoy listening to the others above more. Yeonjun slays his rap verse in this as well.

16.Blue Orangeade-Love the R&B undertones to this song. It is also really fun to listen to. I have a smile on my face listening to this. It also makes me want to dance.

15.Eternally-This song is so pretty, but also dark. I love the sound switches in this song. Their vocals sound so nice in the slow parts. Their adlibs in the last chorus makes me want to cry, so pretty.

14.Drama-My type of song, fun and lively. Not much to say. I just really enjoy listening to this. Soobin’s falsetto in this is so great to hear as well.

13.Rollercoaster-Another fun song to listen to. I like the 90’s vibe to it. The production is really fun. I like how the scale up their vocals at the end of the pre-chorus. That part is so catchy.

12.Our Summer-This is a great summer song. Nice, chill and calm. A great song to listen to at a park, or beach. I don’t normally like slower songs, but this one hits just right.

11.Magic Island-This song is so pretty. I want to cry listening to this. The hmm vocals in the background, during the chorus gets me every time. This song is such a pleasure to my ears. The vocals in the background add so much to this song as well. Listening to this is such an experience. Honestly writing this I am wondering why it isn’t higher. Their songs are just too good.

10.Angel or Devil-This song is fun to listen to. Not much to say. I just really enjoy listening to this song. This song hits just right.

9.Our Summer(Acoustic Mix)-The piano emphasis of this version makes me enjoy it a bit more, than the original. I like how stripped down it is, hence acoustic, but this version is a pleasure to my ears. I like the vocals in the background, during the pre-chorus as well. This song is a joy to listen to.

8.Can’t We Just Leave the Monster…-All the songs from here on are a 10/10 to me. I absolutely love these songs. This song production is heaven for me.

7.Maze in the Mirror-It hurts to have this song as low as I have it, but it just shows how great their other songs are. As I said, ballads aren’t my thing, but I can’t deny the beauty of this song. I also live the personal lyrics. It makes me feel closer to them. This song has a special place in my heart. I am happy they all played a part in this, and my bias produced this.

6.New Rules-This shouldn’t be a bside. This TT material. This song is so good! I never get tired of listening to this.

5.We Lost the Summer-This is now my favorite bside. I love the tropical sound. I just really enjoy listening to this. There isn’t much to say. This song is just so good to me.

4.9 AND Three Quarter(Run Away)- All their TT tracks are in my top 4. Yes, I did put this last for my favorite TT tracks. I know this is a favorite, and this song is great! I get why so many like it. I just prefer their other tracks more. Honestly, it may switch with Blue Hour, but at the moment I prefer that song.

3.Blue Hour-Fun, enjoyable, makes me want to dance, gets me in the summer mood, what else can I say. I like the retro sound as well. I love songs like these.

2.CROWN-Yup, Crown is still that song for me. Many may not care for it, or get the hype, but this song hit all the right notes for me. The this day I am still not tired of hearing this song. The pre-chorus is gold. I don’t care how basic it may sound. My ears love it!

  1. Can’t You See Me?-This song is a masterpiece for me. The disrespect this song gets hurts me, but I don’t care this song is amazing. The production is stellar. I love how experimental this song is, their most along with Eternally. I felt this sound was different from what I normally hear in Kpop, which made me gravitate towards it more.

Going through their songs makes so excited to hear new ones. I wonder where they will fit into this list. I will definitely update this, maybe later this year, or next year. This was so fun. Their songs are great, and I enjoy listening to all of them, even the lower tier ones. Comeback in two days ya’ll!!!