My Top 20 New Kpop Songs of June

A month of great Kpop comeback songs has passed. Now time for me to rank the 20 songs that intrigued me the most.

20.The Answer Ab6ix Cute song, enjoyable to listen to, not a playback song for me. Simple and sweet, but nothing too memorable or exciting. Probably my least favorite comeback title track. Haven’t heard the full album, but will give it a listen eventually.6/10

19.Swear E’Last The intro sounded promising, but lost interest with the many production switches. There were elements of the song I liked- vocals, rapping, violins- but as a whole, didn’t care much for it. I have it in my top 20, because it does have interesting elements to it that caught my interest.6/10

18.Mayday Victon Sensual, dark and gritty. Okay, does the beginning part sound a bit like X-Files?, or is it just me. This sound doesn’t really do anything for me. I can’t really get into this song, not my style. This song doesn’t have a lot of excitement for me, or interesting points for me.6/10

17.Weki Meki Oopsy I loved their other title tracks, but can’t really get into this one. The pre-chorus and chorus are a bit catchy. I think I enjoy this the more I listen. It may grow on me.6.5/10

16.My Body NADA Nice production, pretty catchy. Nothing crazy amazing about this. Just a nice typical pop sounding song. The chorus is my favorite. It makes me want to dance.7/10

15.Basquiat Pentagon Powerful song and video.The chorus is really catchy. The verses are a bit messy, but the chorus really comes together really well. The chorus really hits. I don’t know if I am feeling this too much right now, but this song could grow on me, like Dr.Bebe did. The ending with Hui’s vocals and the guitar solo is a nice way to end things.7.5/10

14.Maria Hwasa This got a nice melody, a bit of a latin vibe. Not sure I like it better than Twit. This may grow on me. For now, it is a good song, but not something I can listen to repeatedly.7.5/10

13.Yessir 3YE Anthem and bop of a song. The song goes pretty hard. I really like the chorus. It is so catchy. It just makes you want to dance. I don’t love it, but this one can grow on me. I do think it is a good song.7.5/10

12.Secret Story of the Swan IZ*ONE Edgy pop sound. This got a more edgier vibe from their other songs. They got some nice vocalists in the group. I quite enjoyed listening to the song. Probably my second favorite song I heard from them after their debut track.7.5/10

11.Girls Nature The production is really cool. I like the carribean/latin vibe to it. This song grew on me from first listen. I am really digging it now. The ending part of the chorus is really catchy.8/10

10.Karma Demian I just want to say I really love his voice.I don’t love this as much as Cassette. It does have a nice catchy beat and sound to it. It has a nice latin beat. The production reminds of One Dance. I am enjoying this song more each time I listen. This song has grown on me from first listen.8/10

9.Pporappippam Sumni This is my type of song. I really like it. It is a nice pop dance record. This may be my favorite release from her by far.8/10

8.Wayo Bang YedamThis is a nice pop acoustic ballad type song. I really love his voice. I really enjoy listening to this song. It is simple, but really sweet and pretty. I enjoy when the music comes in, during the last chorus, it gives the ending a bang-no pun intended. I am so excited for Treasure debut!8/10

7.Get Ready Ha Sungwoon Funky song. I like the groove of this song. The production is really experimental. I get a bit of Prince vibes from this. I like this one.8/10

6.My My Seventeen This song is fun and cute. I enjoy listening to this one. This one has grown on me a lot. It is so catchy. I love the playful vibe of this song.8/10

5.God’s Menu Stray Kids Hardcore banger. Changbin/Han slays that first verse. Amazing pre-chorus, one of my favorites, my favorite part of the song. One of my favorite title tracks from them.8.5/10

4.One(Lucid Dream) Golden Child It was hard to get into this song at first with the dubstep verses, but the pre-chorus and especially the chorus pulled me into this song. I am really enjoying this song so much right now. Seriously, I really love the chorus, especially that beat drop. I give it to them, their production is always interesting. My first title track I have liked from them.8.5/10

3.More&More TWICE Starting the month off with a bang. This is a nice mid-tempo melodic song. Not at the level of Fancy, but this song is still enjoyable.The pre-chorus makes me think of Fifth Harmony’s “Work.” This song gets more enjoyable the more I listen to it. This song has grown on me a lot through this month. I really enjoy this song.8.5/10

2.Left and Right Seventeen Fun song. The song is so catchy. I enjoy this one. Really fun song to listen and dance too.9/10

1.How You Like That Blackpink Bop of a song. I love their swagger. This song is really enjoyable.They came back with a bang. The production in the verse is really pretty. The chorus has that BP swagger to it. I love bopping to this. I can’t wait for the album.9.5/10

Seventeen ‘Henggarae’ Review

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I just want to say how proud I am of them for selling over a million records of this album in less than a week. They did that with their talent, no media hype and that makes me so proud. Now time to discuss the million sellers new mini album. They are my second favorite group, so I am excited to get into this one.

1.Fearless-This one seems like a continuation of their last title track ‘Fear.’ I freaked out when I heard a part from Fear in the song and my favorite part to add the cherry on the top. This song has a alternative rock sound to it. Kind of gives me Imagine Dragons vibes. I really like this song. This was my favorite song first listen.9.5/10

2.Left&Right-Okay was feeling this as much at first, but this song has grown on me so much. This song is so fun to listen to. The song and dance is so catchy. This song is so enjoyable.9/10

3.I Wish-I really like the old school vibes of this song. It is so light and sweet. The production is really pretty. I am not sure it is something I can repeatedly listen to, but the song is really pretty. It is enjoyable listening to it when I listen to the album in full.8/10

4.My My-This song, like their title track has really grown on me. I am liking their softer vibe this time around. This song is a fun, light pop song. I really enjoy listening to this one.8.5/10

5.kidult-I really love the production of this one. This song is so pretty and sweet. I really like this one. I also love the vocals on this one. This is one of my favorites.9/10

6.Together-Pop/rock sound. Probably my least favorite. The chorus is pretty catchy and fun. I am just not feeling this one as much as the others, not really my style. Although, the more I go through the song, the more I like it.7.5/10

Besides ‘Fearless,’ all the songs seem to be on the lighter side. It is nice to seem them do a lighter vibe album from their last album release. I enjoyed listening to the album. All the songs are enjoyable. I don’t think any of them are filler songs. All are strong on their own, some more than others. All in all, one of my favorite kpop albums I heard this year.

Album Score:8.5/10

Stray Kids ‘Go Live’ Album Review

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One of my favorite groups is back with some fun new music. I have to say, I wasn’t a fan of their title track and album first listen, but the more I listened to it. The more I was able to enjoy their sound. Let me discuss the songs on the album.

1.Go Live-We start with an intro. Crazy awesome raps. Vocals are interesting and cool. Production is crazy, but awesome crazy. Nice intro. I like the lazy vocals. It suits the sound very well.

2.God’s Menu-The song already stars off hard. The rap lines verses are insane. The pre-chorus is amazing. My favorite part of the song. The chorus goes hard. Felix’ voice in this song adds such a nice touch to the song. I enjoy this song gets better each listen. This is a banger. This is my favorite title track, since Miroh. This song just makes me want to see them live.9/10

3.Easy-Another banger of a song. A nice song to bop to. I don’t enjoy this as much as their title track, but still a cool song. The light bell sounds in the background is pretty cool. The rapping in this one is insane. I may say that a lot though. Their rap line is crazy good.8.5/10

4.Pacemaker-Okay, I like this one. The sound just suits my style. The song is so nice to listen to. I really enjoy the sound. I could have this on repeat. The song is so catchy. I really love the chorus of this song.9/10

5.Airplane-A lighter song. It is refreshing to hear them do songs like this. I don’t love this, but not a bad listen. Once again, the rapping is fire. Seungmin’s vocals are on point on this one. His vocals are always great, but really like it in this one.8/10

6.Another Day-A nice sweet acoustic pop song. This one is a bit forgettable for me. A little too simple for my taste, but I do like that they do songs like this. I adds a fresh sound to contrast their hardcore bangers.7.5/10

7.Phobia-This is another one of my favorites on this album.This one hits all the right notes with me. I like the synth sounds of the production. This song is fun to listen to. Rap line comes through again on this one.9/10

8.Blueprint-The production is really pretty on this one. Another upbeat pop sounding song. This is the type of song that will probably grow on me more. I don’t really remember this song through my first couple of listens, but I am liking what I am hearing listening to it now. This song is nice.8.5/10

9.TA-Another banger of a song. It is quite catchy and memorable. The chant sounds in the background is a nice touch. This song can definitely get you hyped.8/10

10.Haven-This song reminds me of another kpop song, not sure what though. Upbeat, catchy and fun. This is another one that may grow on me. This song is fun to listen to. It makes me want to dance.8.5/10

11.TOP-Hardcore bop. Rap line slays the verses. Production is intense. Cool song. The ‘Never let you go’ part is so catchy. The sirens are cool, but please for my anxiety while driving, this needs to stop being in songs.8/10

12.SLUMP-Has a pop/rock vibe to it. Not too into this song. Probably my least favorite, but still not bad. I really like the rap verses though. Nnot a song I would repeat.7/10

13.Mixtape:Gone Days-This song is growing on me. It is quite catchy. I enjoy listening to this song. I really like the chorus.8/10

14.Mixtape;On Track-A nice ballad to change things up. Not a big fan of this song.7/10

This album is fun to listen to all the way through. I really like this album as a whole. Lots of different sounds, hard bangers, soft songs, and things in between. I do prefer their hardcore songs. It suits them more, but I like the refreshing feeling of them doing lighter songs. Good album. I would recommend. This is definitely a fun album to listen to on my walks.

Album score:8.5/10

Twice ‘More and More’ Album Review

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One of my favorite girl groups is back with a new album. I really enjoyed listening to it the times I have listened to it. Now I am here to share my thoughts on the album.

1.More and More-I am legit loving this song more each listen. That tends to happen with their songs. This song has a nice melodic summer vibe to it. The chorus is very lively and upbeat compared to the verses. I like it. Good comeback title track.9/10

2.Oxygen-The beginning with the vocals sounds so heaven like. This song is very light and fun. Love the synth sounds in the production. This song is growing on me. I think the listen has made me like it a bit more.8/10

3.Firework-Love the Latin/Caribbean vibe of this song. It gets me in the summer mood. This song just makes me want to dance. The production is really pretty.8/10

4.Make Me Go-This is a fun song to listen to. It doesn’t have the repeat listen factor of the others, but still enjoyable to listen to.7.5/10

5.Shadow-The production on this is really pretty and cool. Another enjoyable song, but not something that makes me want to listen to it again and again.7.5/10

6.Don’t Call Me Again-Very anthem like song. This is a bop. The horns in this brings so much power to the song. I really like this one. I can really jam to this one.8.5/10

7.Sweet Summer Day-I love the 90’s vibe to this. This is such a fun song to listen to.8/10

I got to say I wasn’t that into this album the first couple of listens, but I am really enjoying it more each listen. All the songs are fun to listen to. I didn’t feel bored with any song. They got some bops on here. I am not sure I prefer this to Fancy You, but this is definitely one of my favorite albums this year.8.5/10