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Haechan is confirmed to be an ENFJ. “Campaigners (ENFPs) are true free spirits – outgoing, openhearted, and open-minded. With their lively, upbeat approach to life, they stand out in any crowd. But even though they can be the life of the party, Campaigners don’t just care about having a good time. These personality types run deep – as does their longing for meaningful, emotional connections with other people.”(16personalities.com).

E=Extrovert: This is pretty straightforward. No surprises here. He seems to be much more energetic and lively around others, but with a small group tend to be more reserved. True nature of an Extrovert.

N=Intuitive: H seems quick on his feet, and has the ability to navigate through problems and find solutions in a creative way. He can see the big picture of things. He suits this trait.

F=Feeler: I see him more as a T. I believed he is more rational and logical, more fact based. This trait may be more reserved to the casual eye. He may show more of this side in a private setting. I may have to look deep into his personality to see this, but as a casual fan I see T more.

P=Perceiver: Dude is crazy spontaneous. This trait is strong in him. I don’t see him at all caring about schedules and planning things. He goes with the flow.

When I read the description of ENFP’s, I felt it described his personality very well. I do see him as a caring individual, but felt he had more T traits in him. He is an Open personality, easy to get and understand. An energetic, fun, ball of sunshine. He definitely brings life to a group setting.

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