My Favorite KPOP Songs of 2021

We are no closing in on the year. I like to list and discuss my favorite Kpop Songs of the year. I will do this in no particular order. I will go off my Spotify top 100 list.

0X1=Lovesong(I Know I Love You) Tomorrow X Together: I really like how they ventured into a more rock sound, and did something different. It was refreshing to hear. I just enjoy anything they release.

Magic Tomorrow X Together: I guess this can be a bit generic in sound, but I enjoyed this song. Simple, but fun to listen to.

What If I Had Been that Puma Tomorrow X Together: This is so fun to listen to. I find this song to be really exciting. Yeah, it is a bit autotuned, but I don’t care.

Loser Lover Tomorrow X Together: If this was released earlier, this most likely would have been my number one song. My favorite release this year.

In the Morning Itzy: Such a bop, brings the fire, has their energy. This sound really suits them.

Flip A Coin Victon: Happily surprised this was so high on my playlist, but this song never gets old. Hanse’s first verse rap is brilliant. The chorus is catchy af. Vocals are good as well.

No Rules Tomorrow X Together: Fun song, very catchy. The album had so many faves of mine.

Given Taken Enhypen: This song hasn’t gotten old for me, even though it was released in late 2020. This song is so good. Have not been as invested in their other tracks. The instrumental is really pretty.

Cinema Cix: Such a refreshing song in Kpop. The sound was different from others. I love how melodic it was, also that they didn’t force a rap verse in it. This song still hasn’t gotten old. I am not sure they can release something as good as this in the future, but we’ll see.

Frost Tomorrow X Together: Love the intensity of this song. This has a bit more edge, than their other songs of this record.

I’m Not Cool Hyuna: This such a fun song to listen to, and dance to. A great workout, hype song.

HWAA (G)I-DLE: One of my favorite releases from them. The song is so hypnotizing.

Misunderstood Kang Daniel: Not sure why I fell in love with this song, but I did.

Next Level Aespa: I found more of an appreciation for this at the end of this year. Savage quickly lost my interest, but this still has my attention. I get why people may not like it, but let us who love it, enjoy it. I think the switch ups are well done. I find the chorus to be iconic.

Paranoia Kang Daniel: This grew on me more as the year went on. I still find myself enjoying this song. It is quite riveting.

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