My Thoughts on Kpop Soloist 2021

Now I will discuss my thoughts on Kpop soloist this year. These are artist I enjoy listening to, either in the past, or as of now.

Kang Daniel: He didn’t release anything as impressive as Magenta, but he still solidified himself as my favorite soloist with his releases this year. Paranoia and his bside Misunderstood were one my favorite Kpop releases this year. I love that he challenges himself to switch up his sound. I love an artists who can release music with different sounds. It shows their range of talent. He is also an incredible performer.

What I like in 2022: Hopefully he releases a full album of 10 songs at least. I want more songs. Also keep doing what he is doing by changing up his sound.

Baekhyun: I found his new release boring. His music has regressed it time. I hope he can bring the spark back when he is released, but this comeback wasn’t it. His voice is still the most beautiful thing in Kpop for me though.

What I like in 2022: Will he be out of the military? If so, new music that is refreshing and fun.

B.I: I enjoyed his album this year, my faves being Waterfall and illa illa. I love his composing skills. What a talent he is.

What I like in 2022: Just keep doing what he does.

Hyuna: I’m Not Cool is such a bop. One of my favorite releases this year. Didn’t care for anything else she released this year

What I like in 2022-Not much of a fan, so not much.

Park Jihoon: I loved his second album in 2019, but nothing really impressed me from him, since then. I checked out his comebacks, but the TT and bsides were forgettable unfortunately.

What I like in 2022: Bring back the spark that made me a fan. I really like his talent, but his music is lacking.

Ha Sungwoon: The same thing as above applies to him as well. His second release was brilliant, but nothing as good, since then.

What I like in 2022: Copy and paste what I said above. His voice is so good. I want to enjoy his music more.

Jessi: Nunu Nana was the sh**. I have not cared for anything else she released, and nothing stood out for me this year.

What I like in 2022: Nothing much.

IU: I probably only listen to her for the hype. I don’t really vibe with her music. I liked Celebrity for a minute, but that got old.

What I like in 2022: Don’t care.

Kyungsoo(D.O): I really liked I’m Gonna Love You. I enjoyed his sound of his EP. I didn’t vibe with it a lot, but I respected it. His voice makes anything enjoyable.

What I like in 2022: I hope he ventures into more R&B with his solo work.

Taemin: I listened to his stuff back in the day, but just don’t check for his stuff as much these days. He is very experimental as a soloist, so that is nice to see.

What I like in 2022: Nothing really.

Key: Bad Love blew me away, so glad he got a win with that. I quite enjoyed his 1st Mini album. A good year musically for him. I love the retro vibe he brought to his music. I am a sucker for 80’s retro music.

What I like in 2022: Nothing really.

Chungha: Didn’t really enjoy anything she released this year. Haven’t checked her album, not much motivation.

What I like in 2022: Nothing much.

Sumni: I enjoyed You Can Sit With Us. Her music usually gets old for me. I haven’t found a song of hers I can have on repeat for a long time.

What I like in 2022:Nothing.

Somi: Dumb Dumb is such a bop. She usually releasing one song I vibe with hard each year, but nothing more. I know people don’t like that song, and I get it, but I can fu** with it.

What I like in 2022: Nothing much. I am not that much of a fan.

Demian: I really liked his debut song Cassette, but nothing has interest me as much, since then, including his releases this year. I actually forgot about him, until I saw his song on my playlist.

What I like in 2022: For him to release more interesting material. I love his voice, so I would like to enjoy his content more.

Leehi: I found the song she released as TT to be a bit boring for my taste, so I didn’t find any interest to listen to her album. I do adore her voice. Her song with B.I was cool.

What I like in 2022: I am not sure I care for anything.

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