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Choi Hyunsuk MBTI/Personality Reading

I will be discussing the results of the members of Treasure’s MBTI. I will state my opinion on each trait, and discuss if the results are surprising or not. I absolutely enjoy digging into personalities. I will also discuss if their personality is more open(easy to read), closed(hard to read), or ambivalent(a mixture of both).

I will also incorporate My Reading. This is using my Tarot deck to get a bit of a feel of who they are. I did a couple of readings to see of I get any trends, or similar cards. My reading are subjective, and from my intuition. It doesn’t mean it is true, but it may be true. It is just for entertainment. I will also state my initial reading, which is just my thoughts on who they are just by watching interviews, vlogs, shows, and other content of them.


People with this type are considered charismatic, creative and enthusiastic.

E=Extrovert: He did mention before that he was more introverted before. I guess his career has made him more of an extrovert. I do wonder in general if he leans towards introversion. I do think the questions can make this distinction confusing. It is all about how one gains energy to be honest. I am not sure where he fits on either end to be honest. His career and leader role may push him to be more extroverted.

N=Intuitive: He mentioned he always wonders what is his purpose, so he definitely steers towards looking towards the big picture. Also as a composer I feel having an intuitive side is beneficial to create good material. He does have a practical/realistic side to him as well. The test showed that his S side was pretty strong as well.

F=Feeling: This boy leans on emotions. I see him as very sensitive and caring. A nurturing individual. He isn’t the type that wants to hurt anyone. He would do whatever it takes to keep the peace.

P=Perceiving: Without this test result I would have seen him as a J. Not sure why, but he gave me that impression. He seems to strongly lean towards the P side. He likes things spontaneous. Not a fan of structure or planning. He is like a care free spirit. People on the P side would rather live freely without constraints.

My initial reading:

He seems like a genuinely nice person, very warm and comforting. His confidence is a bit low, so hopefully that improves, because he should be more confident. He is seen as the mom of the group, and his nurturing nature is strong.

My Reading:

Some interesting cards that were pulled. No Empress cards, which was surprising to me. Did get the Emperor reversed, which can go along with lack of confidence in his abilities as a leader. I also got the ace of cups and the moon reversed, which both can mean repressed emotions, or intuitive abilities. The main takeaway is him getting the Tower card three times, which means significance. As a P on the MBTI, this actually makes sense. He may like challenges, shifts, or changes. The tower card can mean liking instability, or spontaneity. It can also mean being dramatic, or being someone who see’s the worse in a situation or himself.


I can say his personality is more towards the open side. He is pretty easy to read. I got a feel of his personality pretty quickly. He is pretty expressive. Also his traits suit the ENFP characteristic. He is creative, charismatic and charming, so no surprise he is that type.

Jongseob MBTI

My bias of the group. He is also an INTJ, along with Jiung. Quiet, reserved, and an intellectual. He suits this type very well.

“Logicians often lose themselves in thought – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. People with this personality type hardly ever stop thinking. From the moment they wake up, their minds buzz with ideas, questions, and insights. At times, they may even find themselves conducting full-fledged debates in their own heads.”(16personalities.com).

I=Introvert: He showcases traits of an introvert. He is pretty reserved and quiet. Prefers to listen, rather than talk with others, but when he is alone, or just with one person he shines. He usually has a lot to say. He is very good with words, and tells us a lot about his life, so he isn’t necessarily shy, but prefers to be more open on his own, or in a small group.

N=Intuitive: He reads a lot of books, writes lyrics, composers. A creative, intuitive nature goes well with these things. T

T=Thinker: I don’t why, but I get a sense this will change to F the older he gets. I feel the more he is able to connect with others, and matures. He will get more in tuned with his emotional side, or maybe I am projecting. I don’t really think he leans too strongly on the T side. I see him as someone who cares about harmony, and wanting others to be happy overs the facts and truth, but this came up. I will say this one surprised me a bit.

J=Judger: I don’t really see this trait in him, but I don’t see the other as well. Plans, order and organization is more his style. Not much into spontaneity. I guess this trait shows more in his personal, daily life. Don’t see it much on camera.

He is still young, so I can see this could possibly change, but maybe not. I say he is ambivalent. Not as easy to read, but some traits are noticeable.

Keeho MBTI

I have just started stanning this group, and thought I would look into the group members personality. They actually did their own MBTI, so I will be using that, and adding my own take to it as well. His personality type is ENFP. Three of the members have this type.

Campaigners (ENFPs) are true free spirits – outgoing, openhearted, and open-minded. With their lively, upbeat approach to life, they stand out in any crowd. But even though they can be the life of the party, Campaigners don’t just care about having a good time. These personality types run deep – as does their longing for meaningful, emotional connections with other people.“(16personalities.com)

E=Extrovert: Absolutely no surprise here. He enjoys the company of others. He loves the attention of others. He is quite the life of the party. He exudes Extrovert energy.

N=Intuitive:I can see him as the type to think about things on a deeper level. He is a composer, so to be good at that one must be creative and insightful, and have the ability to connect things on a deeper level. Imagination is a strong trait for Intuitives.

F=Feeler:He is caring, compassionate, and considerate of others. You can see it with the members. He seems like a kind soul. I see him leading with more emotion.

P=Perceiver: This man is a free spirit, and spontaneous. He doesn’t seem like a person who likes structure too much. He doesn’t like to be confined.

Reading the personality type. I can see this being him. He suits this type very well. As the leader of the group he seems very supportive and welcoming to the members, which is very needed. I say he is an open personality, pretty easy to read.


The next member I will do is Theo. What a precious bean he is. Our sweet, kind, and shy Theo.

He is also an ENFP.

Campaigners are proof that seeking out life’s joys and pleasures isn’t the same as being shallow. Seemingly in the blink of an eye, people with this personality type can transform from impassioned idealists to carefree figures on the dance floor.“(16personalities.com).

E=Extrovert=Shy and timid Extroverts exist ya’ll. This may be why people are surprised by his tendency to lean more Extroverted. He enjoys the company of others. Others can give him the boost and energy he needs. He mentioned he is shy around cameras, so his true nature comes out in private. Reminder, extroversion is how one gains energy, not how quiet or loud you are.

N=Intuitive=He gives me these vibes. I see him having a lot of ideas on things, and about life. Not much more to say, but I don’t really get the vibe he see’s things in a more practical/sensible way.

F=Feeling: I see him as very sensitive, and in tune with his feelings. He expresses his emotions very well. Empathetic, compassionate, caring, a bit vulnerable. This boy feels.

P=Perceiver: Honestly I see more J in him. I felt he liked more structure, and things planned out. He is the one that gets up the earliest, but he may have more spontaneous characteristics. Would love to see the percentage on this one, like how much more P is he of J. I feel it is close.

I say his personality type is a bit ambivalent, not open, but not surprising. He seems like someone who is different in private, due to his shyness. He needs to be close to a person to truly show his personality.